We have completed sanding the floor and woodwork in the room, but if we thought that was the end of it, Nic has had a bright idea and the original banister rails are being replaced by scaffold board bookcases. Inspired by Elephant Buffet’s blog post ‘How to keep from falling down a staircase’, we’re starting […]

As well as transforming our room into a lovely Modern Rustic white interior, we still look forward to orders through our Etsy shop for bespoke, handmade items such as this bath-tray-to-be made from reclaimed scaffold board. Years of utilitarian use have left its mark on the scaffolding, but this only adds to the charm and […]

Unlike President Nixon’s first speech to the nation on April 30th 1973 during the Watergate scandal when he proclaimed “there can be no Whitewash at the White House” there is definitely whitewash at our house. Having looked up the recipe for making whitewash with hydrated lime (thanks YouTube) and fortunately having a huge sack of […]

With all the sanding that we’ve been doing, I’m amazed we haven’t produced our very own dunes. Enough-was-enough and we gave-up on our own elbow-grease and hired in ‘The Machine’. This was just a standard floor sander, but the 24 grade paper attached, it tore through the varnish and stained floorboards in no time. Needless […]

If you have been following our posts you may be aware that we sometimes struggle to find specific items to either recycle, re-use, repurpose or restore. At the moment we want bottles made from blue glass. There aren’t many products you can buy that come in blue glass. As far as we can tell, the […]

Bathroom Range for Spring 2018 Our new bathroom range is coming along nicely and after much drilling and sanding, the new toilet roll holder was ready… or so we thought. Sporting a pair of carefully selected cupboard door knobs from Mango Tree on each end of the broom handle cut to size to fit inside […]