A vintage wooden dolly originally used for agitating water when washing clothes. Washing dollies were widely used in the 1930s and this one is from this time and full of character, showing all the ware-and-tear of it’s use. The handle is uneven in length and asymmetrical to allow spinning.

This washing dolly has been cleaned with caustic soda, deepening the texture of the grain. There are some flecks of colour where previous owners have decorated it with paint which has now been mostly removed revealing the original wood.  We have tried to keep all this history, only lightly sanding the dolly and waxing it with clear wax for a smooth, yet tactile surface.

Add some genuine vintage style to your bathroom with this washing dolly and enjoy just-as-it-is or put it to use as a towel rail or even toilet roll holder

Height: 81.5cm
Width: 35cm across the handle