This is paint, but not as we know it.

There is nothing like a bare brick wall to make for getting a rustic/industrial look. We think our room needs this and so Nic has been scraping the plastic-based sealant paint from the brickwork, painted on by the previous home-owners. It looks like white emulsion but is waterproof and where we’ve removed it, the wall is starting to drying out.

Keeping an old house warm and dry does take some thought, but having lived in a few Victorian/Edwardian houses it seems that any attempt to seal the property from damp and draughts results in condensation, mould and brown stains – just as we have at the moment. We’re not damp-proof experts but based on our experience, if you have an old house, let it breath.

The wall is being scraped clean showing the bricks and stone used in its construction. The floor is also being levelled and after a blizzard of wood shavings, it is getting there.

There is still quite a bit to do so we’re back to it. More dust and wood shavings await.

What is this paint?

We’ve been scraping and sanding for a couple of days and it is proving to be very hard going. I’m covered in dust while writing this and I’m having a break. What we thought was paint seems to be a coating impervious to sandpaper, scrapers, paint-stripper and a wire brush drill-bit (almost). Should we have a nuclear war in the next few months, I’m sure this surface will somehow survive and hang in space, like a ghostly reminder of the house that now lies on the ground, no more than vaporised debris and ash.

If you have ever encountered this, please leave a comment on what it is and how you removed it – assuming you actually managed to.