Organising all those tasks and events can be a job in itself and so to keep on top of all our lists and appointments, we have finally painted a chalkboard in the kitchen. Uncertain of which wall to paint and how much light would be needed to keep it legible, the melamine unit housing the oven became the surface of choice.

Despite the oven being alongside the back door and there only being a narrow corridor between it and the wall, this dark corner of the kitchen has become an ideal spot.

Painting the plastic-coated unit with specialist melamine primer before applying a couple of coats of chalkboard paint has produced a large and durable surface that has been immediately put to good use – once it had been given a chalk-dust layer.

We couldn’t resist a bit of decoration to divide the chalkboard into panels dedicated to particular activities (shopping list, appointments, what’s in season for foraging). However, having a chalkboard means that you need somewhere to put the chalk and duster…hmmm, I wonder if we could do something about this?