Bathroom Range for Spring 2018

Our new bathroom range is coming along nicely and after much drilling and sanding, the new toilet roll holder was ready… or so we thought.

Sporting a pair of carefully selected cupboard door knobs from Mango Tree on each end of the broom handle cut to size to fit inside the toilet roll’s cardboard tube, the new loo roll wouldn’t go on. After a bit of research into the size of cardboard toilet roll tubes, we now know that sizes vary enough to make the 45mm Mango Tree knobs are too big for several toilet paper brands.

Back To Black… and White

Crackled pink and pure white Mango Tree knobs would have made a fantastic, fresh-looking  and unique item to give you bathroom a perfectly imperfect Modern Rustic style.

What could have been. The fully assembled toilet roll holder with Mango Tree cupboard door knobs. Looks great but too big for some of those cardboard tubes… doh!

However, while an exact fit, it looks like 38mm knobs fit all those different brands of roll. Ordered a few 38mm black-and-white Mango Tree ceramic knobs today and can’t wait for them to arrive. As well as having great designs, each end will of the roll holder will be similar in shape and colour which will look elegant and simple.

Coming Soon To Etsy

As always, we’ll post when the new toilet roll holder is available on our Etsy shop (EstuaryHomeUK)

After dismantling several pallets to give us the materials for our coffee tables, we now have all those wooden blocks that are sandwiched in the middle just hanging around. Bashed and nailed into place, they are in fact made from really good wood that in our mind, would be a shame not to reuse in some way…

Therefore we’ve just been out and picked up this drill bit. It may just be the thing…

As well as those great little wooden blocks from the pallets we have also been picking up driftwood and branches. Hmm.


Recycled Hessian Placemats

At Estuary Home we certainly do and it is great to know that a lot of people in the locality do too. This is because it gives us a chance to recycle those empty coffee bean sacks from the Welsh Coffee Co. and Coaltown Roasters into some really great stuff.

Over the last few days it has been all about hessian. Making use of the bold printed graphics coffee growers and distributors stamp onto their coffee sacks, we have produced so great looking hessian placemats.

The past couple of days have seen some careful measuring and cutting to ensure that we salvage as much hessian as possible while producing matching sets of 4. This is not as simple as it may seem. The sacks are printed for functionality, not look and so nothing is ever in quite the same place from sack-to-sack.

However, much of the off-cuts are used for our jar table centrepieces and with a view that nothing goes to waste we better get our thinking cap on.

Our new hessian makes will be for sale on Etsy shortly just as soon as the ‘fray stop’ dries and we can get some good photos.


If you live in Swansea (SA4) and have these any of the following items that you may be planning to recycle or throw away, then Estuary Home would love to hear from you:

  • wine bottles
  • beer bottles with printed logos
  • glass jars
  • damaged roof slates
  • pallets
  • wooden picture rail
  • scaffolding hand rail or treads.

Drop us an email or complete our contact form telling us what you want to get rid of. If you are happy for us to do so, we can collect these unwanted bits and pieces and make them into the things that we think will be practical and beautiful additions to peoples’ homes.

Our details are on our Contact Us page.