Having collected some large pieces of wood (mostly pine) from building sites and awash with wine bottle tops from cutting the bottom of the bottles off for our glasses, we are making covered tea lights.

Perfect for those long summer evenings when we venture into the great outside and eat, drink and enjoy good company, our ‘in-progress’ covered tea light holders will keep the light burning even if the halcyon breezes become gusty.

The pine has been cut and trimmed ready for construction and looks very clean and new. We’ve already drilled a recess for the tea light candle and cut a circular groove to seat a wine bottle top. The next step is to tarnish the wood and give it a nice aged effect.

We have been using a home-made iron and vinegar solution to lightly age the wood but always keen to experiment, these tea light bases have been painted, first with strong tea and then the vinegar. As you can see, this makes the wood darken to a degree we hadn’t expected. Looking good though.

Painting vinegar onto our tea-coated tea light holders.

Painting vinegar onto our tea-coated tea light holders.

Be good to get the bottle tops grinded and slotted into place.