We finally managed to find some time to tackle our soon-to-be bedroom. We have plenty of paper shredding to do!
A manageable amount of clearing still remains but now we can realistically start to get excited about taking a wire brush to the wall. We’re pretty sure the sappy discolouration is due to the wood burning stove in the living room below. I’m not sure yet what the outcome will be but we’re not looking for a perfect plastered look!

The heater is going to need moving and replacing before we start on the wall. So there are some decisions to made there.

We have slightly raised section of flooring in the middle of the floor. We’ve been dying to take a crow-bar to it since the day we moved in! Today was the day! Turns out it is housing the wiring for the whole room. It looks like we’ll need a bit of help from an electrician to sort that out, but it looks quite do-able.

Once that is rectified we can press on with the floor. We were thinking of sanding it, but now it looks like it might want to a matt white. This will impact on my plans for the staircase, which were going to be sanded, aged and then hand decorated with Mandala-type patterns, so this will need re-thinking slightly. I’m instantly excited about this!