As well as transforming our room into a lovely Modern Rustic white interior, we still look forward to orders through our Etsy shop for bespoke, handmade items such as this bath-tray-to-be made from reclaimed scaffold board.

Years of utilitarian use have left its mark on the scaffolding, but this only adds to the charm and interest of the final product. Nic is working to the custom measurements for a customer’s bath and making a nice flat surface on which to attach the feet that will hold the bath tray neatly in place.

Fortunately, the sanding is now done. Using reclaimed wood, it is always a fine balance to preserve the character and aging that the wood shows and get a smooth and quality finish. This bath tray feels really nice to the touch and once the feet are attached, some aging solution and wax will add the finishing touch to make it look beautiful.

We’ve a nice review on our Etsy website about a scaffold board bath tray that we made earlier in the year. We love hearing (and in this case seeing) about the things we make from the people who now own them. Have a look at the reviews if you want to know what people think at

Chisels away!

A big thank you to our local auto parts salvage yard for the unwanted car number plates. We’ve been looking at cool ways to arrange them and having picked up a couple of trollies from English Salvage a few days ago, it was obvious that it all belonged together.

Just working out how it should connect. We have a few ideas and it shouldn’t be long before we have another fantastic coffee table in our Etsy shop.

Having spent a while getting to grips with glass cutting, we’re now slicing empty wine and beer bottles with more successes and fewer breakages. This means we now have more glasses to be creative with and so we’re playing with the star motif.

We love the decorative simplicity of the 5-pointed star and its connotations of flags, American States, European Members, Pop Art, Magic and of course, stars. We still need to finish grinding and sanding the tops of the cut bottles to make them rounded and tactile and nice to drink from. However, we’ve also cut some star templates from paper and glued them in place ready for etching and sanding.

A few hours of work should do it and hopefully, the resulting designs will give us a new range of glasses to make Estuary Home shine. Our designs are still a work-in-progress but initially we’re planning a ‘frosted’ star on a clear background and the reverse – a clear star in a background sanded and etched opaque.

It may be nice to try and make it a bit blotchy as if stencilled but perhaps, first of all, just try for a simple star. Time for some sandpaper.